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By Thomas Jacobsen for 360View, Denmark

A now 53 year-old man with Muslim background from Bosnia has been convicted for killing his former wife and mother of their five children in a very brutal and bestial honor-killing with a knife and a hammer.

The man came to Denmark in 1994 as a refugee from Bosnia during the war in former Yugoslavia in the 90s, and met his two year older wife who also was from Bosnia, after coming to Denmark. The couple lived on several addresses in the city of Sønderborg, in southern Jutland near the Danish-German border, and had what is described as a stormy marriage before they were divorced three years ago.

The killing was well planned with weapons, car and everything – which also was a focus-point in court. After planning everything the only thing missing was to find his ex-wife and end the shame.

On Wednesday February 5, 2020 3.30 pm, he found her behind a supermarket and killed her by stabbing her and cutting her throat the knife in such a violent manner that the knife broke and then smashed and crushing her skull from 7 hits with the hammer, he even returned one more time to continue with the hammer to her head.

A very very brutal and bestial murder.

After the liquidation, he called the police and turned himself in, admitting what he did instantly.

In court he explained that she brought shame over the family, probably by divorcing him and he explained that he suspected her of having other sexual relations and she searched for discarded food from containers at supermarkets.

He also depicted himself as the victim of a wife who harassed him psychologically and a Danish source tries to use the defenders point and connect the incident with his background in the war torn Bosnia, PSD and depression. Instead of connecting the dots to Islam and Sharia regarding women and honor-killings – but that’s of no surprise.

However the murderer himself stipulates over and over again the shame she brought to the family as the main reason.

The court notice that he was without any degree of remorse. He knows what he did and admits it without reservations, although he tried to convince the court, that he was the real victim. And why should he be remorseful, according to Islamic law, he did nothing wrong.

He was sentenced 12 years in prison, but not deportation – and he received the sentence without objections.

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Danish sources:

It is a very tragic story, unfortunately it’s not a uncommon story within the Muslim community, neither in the West nor in regular Islamic countries. Girls and women are treated like, or worse than animals – their live are worth less than a man’s, their testimony in court half than a man’s. Filing for divorce is unacceptable for a woman in Islam, the mere suspicion of adultery is punished by death in a honor-killing like this. And there are thousands of stories like this where a wife is killed by her husband for whatever reason.

And yet, no where in the primary article is Islam or Islamic law even mentioned once – no wonder we are so far behind in fighting this backward-clown ideology and the disgusting law and fake ‘prophet’.

And it gets even more sad when we realize that it is all lawful in Islam under Sharia. There is under Sharia no punishment for killing your wife and you really don’t have to prove anything – she must disprove with several witnesses if she is innocent.

Girls are killed for marrying the ‘wrong’ boy, for illicit relationships and other things which brings shame to the family.

I have written a few articles on recent honor-killings or honor-punishments:

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The Quran allows men to beat their wives (pl) 4,34; Sharia allows men to beat their wives, to punish their wives, and adultery is a crime for which women often are executed, guilty or not.

Islam is a barbaric ideology, Sharia is a disgusting barbaric law – no woman or young girl of any age should be treated as second class citizens – but that’s the reality in Islam and unfortunately 1000s of women and girls are killed each year due to these disgusting inhuman Islamic rules and law.

Ban Sharia and let’s live free from the horrible example of the wife-beating fake ‘prophet’ Muhammad.

Stay away from Islam!

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